I knew the 9-5 life wasn't for me as soon as I had our first baby. I wanted the freedom to make money while working from home, so I decided to launch a social media services business. And girl, it took off. I was booked full of clients. My email list and social media following took off. I started writing viral blog posts. I took all of the webinars and courses to further my education, while staying on trend. I literally did all of the things. And of course, I made mistakes along the way. I'm stronger today for all of them. Now, a decade later I've thrown in the towel on clients and social media service work. I have lots of reasons why, but my main reasons why are on this screen. My husband, son, daughter and my damn-self.

after a decade in the social media services business, i've gone rogue. i'm telling all of my business secrets and it feels amazing. 

Now, don't get me wrong - I've always had freedom. Freedom to work from home. Freedom to choose my clients. But I wanted more. I wanted more time with my family. More time making money on auto-pilot vs. spending countless hours on client work vs. my own business. Sound familiar? It was time for a change and I'm so glad that I took a giant, scary leap of faith. 

I hope that you read the above sentence in your best Jay-Z voice. 

Allow me to re-introduce myself. 

Hi there, I'm Amy and I'm so happy that you're here.

Today, I spend my days teaching entrepreneurs all that I've learned working 1-on-1 with clients over the past 10 years.

Are you ready to start living the life you've been dreaming about too?

You're not alone, let's chase dreams together sister. 

Work with Me!

in my business journey

a walk down memory lane

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2010 - 2012
i went to college and earned the degree

In 2010 I graduated college with a Bachelors in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing Systems. Two years later, on Valentine's Day, we welcomed our son into the world. Right then and there, I knew that I had to figure out a way to make money from home, while putting my degree to use. Enter social media and the launch of Amy Howard Social. 

Keep reading to see how I got fully booked with clients and figured this social media biz out. 

2012 - 2021
doing all of the things, literally

And so, it began - researching how to start a website, how to grow an email list, how to grow a following on social media, how to use Pinterest...I was doing all of the things and something magical happened. It worked! I had subscribers coming in left and right - I was booked full of clients - I was making more money than I had before. And for the next 10 years that continued, but there was one problem - one major problem.

stick with me to see what major mistake i made in business.


I only monetized my site by booking social media clients. I was only 1 woman and definitely didn't want to start a marketing agency, so I quickly found myself overworked. And although I was working from home - I was working too much, and on my client's schedule. My vision for Amy Howard Social suddenly came to an utter and complete hault. 


i've WENT rogue

I've changed. My business model has changed. And I feel unstoppable. I'm putting my decade of experience into digital products and courses for you. Resources for entrepreneurs created by someone that knows what you're going through. I was in your shoes and I'm standing proof that you can make your dreams a reality. I don't regret the past 10 years. In fact, I celebrate them. And there's so much more celebrating to do, together. Are you ready to get to work? 

Let's work together!

Preparing and strategically planning out your social media strategies will make this to-do much easier on yourself. Simplify and strategize!

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Need some clarity on who you are and if you're being the "real you' in your business? Take advantage and work through this 63-page branding workbook today. 

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He's been my best friend for half of my life. We serve together, we love our children together, and are having the time of our lives while doing so!

about your girl

When I'm not in front of my computer screen, here's what you'll find my family and I doing... + a few interesting facts about myself.

married 12 years, 
forever to go

Our son loves baseball. My husband coaches his teams, our youngest eats all of the snacks, and I'm the loudest mom there with the best Pinterest approved snacks for the boys!

we live at the 
ball fields

She's my best girl. We spend our days at home together, working beside another. Which pretty much involves her eating and drawing at my desk!

my twirling

There's something satisfying about making delicious recipes, southern recipes at that. I love preparing my family's favorite foods and trying new recipes! 

Baking and cooking
are my therapy

We live in the country, in a very small Georgia town outside of the city. We pass cows on the regular and it brings me peace in this crazy, busy world.

country living
at it's best

I joke that when our kids are grown, we will have all of the rescue animals. Maybe one day we will have our own little farm family of animals!

dogs make the 
best of friends

I collect blue and white porcelain and have a touch of it in every room. Bold colors, playful patterns, vintage treasures, and bible verses are found throughout our home. 

interior design
color and pattern

Everything from Elevation Worship and Post Malone to Beyonce can be found on my Spotify Playlist. You can have a listen, here. 

my spotify

Give me all of the pretty notebooks, sleek pins, and organizational tools I can find. I love it all and my home office is a result of that. 

office supplies make my heart happy

those are the ones worth celebrating!

passions that light your soul on fire,

dreams that keep you awake at night,


My go-to tools
that I use everyday in my business.

Running a business is hard enough. Save yourself some time and energy with my tried-and-true go-to tools that I use everyday. I don't know how I would make it without these gals in my arsenal. 


Graphic Creation Software


Email Marketing Program


Easy Drag and Drop Website Builder

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A Simple, yet Powerful Online Shop

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Canva is the one tool that I use the most, every single day. Whether I'm creating images for social media, my website, or even an email - Canva is my go-to software. It is absolutely free, but I prefer to have the pro version, so I have access to lots of additional features. 

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Looking for an email service provider that's above all the rest? The magic of Flodesk is that they have amazing templates and conversion driven workflows. If you are ready to send beautifully crafted emails fast and easily, join Flodesk

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ShowIt is the best thing since sliced bread, y'all. It's a beautiful, easy to use, drag and drop platform that this page is built on! You can buy templates, go custom and start today. And best of all, the Wordpress integration is like butter!

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If you're considering adding a shop to your website, Shopify is a great platform to use. You can sell digital or physical products and the setup is a breeze. I switched from WooCommerce to Shopify when I switched to ShowIt and I haven't looked back. 

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