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Hey sister! I'M AMY HOWARD.

Preparing and strategically planning out your social media strategies will make this to-do much easier on yourself. Simplify and strategize!

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I’ve taken everything I’ve seen and learned from making Pinterest a #1 traffic driver for my site and this guide will show you how to prep your Pinterest account for success!

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Need some clarity on who you are and if you're being the "real you' in your business? Take advantage and work through this 63-page branding workbook today. 

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Are you ready to grow and serve your email list? I've put 5 easy ways to grow your email list into a guide, just for you. Let's take the overwhelm out of email marketing once and for all. 

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I knew the 9-5 life wasn't for me as soon as I had our first baby. I wanted the freedom to make money while working from home, so I decided to launch a social media services business. And girl, it took off. I was booked full of clients. My email list and social media following took off. I started writing viral blog posts. I took all of the webinars and courses to further my education, while staying on trend. I literally did all of the things. And of course, I made mistakes along the way. I'm stronger today for all of them. Now, a decade later I've thrown in the towel on clients and social media service work. I have lots of reasons why, but my main reasons why are on this screen. My husband, son, daughter and myself.

after a decade in the social media services business, i've gone rogue. i'm telling all of my business secrets and it feels amazing. 

Now, don't get me wrong - I've always had freedom. Freedom to work from home. Freedom to choose my clients. But I wanted more. I wanted more time with my family. More time making money on auto-pilot vs. spending countless hours on client work vs. my own business. Sound familiar? It was time for a change and I'm so glad that I took a giant, scary leap of faith. 

It may even be similar to yours.  

here's my story...

I'm so happy that you're here.

Today, I spend my days teaching entrepreneurs all that I've learned working 1-on-1 with clients over the past 10 years.

Are you ready to start living the life you've been dreaming about too?

You're not alone, let's chase dreams together sister. 

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There's one more thing that you should know about me. I'm from a small town in Georgia and my southern roots tend to show up more often than not. I hope you've got your big girl panties on and are ready for a few bless your hearts and all of the southern charm that comes along with it!

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With over a decade of experience, I'm giving you all of my tools that I used while working one-on-one with social media clients. From social media strategies and email marketing to campaigns to my absolute favorite traffic driver, Pinterest - I'm here to help you learn all of the above and then some. Let's work together!

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Your relief from social media stress. Take control of your social media strategies once and for all. With over 40 planning sheets, this digital planner will help you organize and simplify the why's behind the posts. Here's what you can achieve:

it's 100% risk free with my 14 day money-back guarantee

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it's 100% risk free with my 14 day money-back guarantee

A clear and planned out social media strategy.

Confidence to post on social media.

Time to focus on other aspects in your business. 

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Get my exact email system for developing, launching, nurturing, and monetizing your own email list. This course is designed for entrepreneurs who want to drive results in their business. The future is email, after all. 

it's 100% risk free with my 14 day money-back guarantee

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Enter the holy grail of Pinterest courses. From A to Z, I walk you through every aspect of this amazing platform. Gain more traffic to your site than ever before while converting that traffic to sales upon sales. Pinterest is my bad habit of choice and for good reason.

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