How to Organize your Pinterest boards so that your profile flows well and looks organized! In result, you will gain new followers as well as repins!

Pinterest – aka my JAM, BFF, BAD HABIT, OBSESSION, SOUL MATE, and much much more – is where it’s at people. Most of my blog traffic comes from Pinterest, as does A LOT of other bloggers. There are many ways to increase your blog traffic from Pinterest, but let’s start with the basics; the Pinterest […]

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There is a magical method to creating Pinterest boards that are optimized for gaining followers. Here are Top 10 Pinterest Boards for Gaining New Followers!

Don’t we all want more Pinterest followers? Of course we do! Believe it or not, there is a magical method to creating¬†Pinterest boards¬†that¬†are optimized for gaining followers. The secret is, STOP pinning for yourself and START pinning content that your TARGET MARKET will love! You need to be very strategic in what pins you¬†pin and […]

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