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Pinterest – aka my JAM, BFF, BAD HABIT, OBSESSION, SOUL MATE, and much much more – is where it’s at people. Most of my blog traffic comes from Pinterest, as does A LOT of other bloggers. There are many ways to increase your blog traffic from Pinterest, but let’s start with the basics; the Pinterest Cleanup.

I know, I know…I don’t like cleaning up either, but in this case it is necessary. By cleaning up and organizing your Pinterest boards they will not only look better, but will flow better. What does this mean? EVERYTHING!!!! It means that you will gain more followers, get more repins, drive traffic to your blog, and be on your way to becoming a Pinterest Queen. Hey, if the crown fits…rock it!

Here is part 1 of my Pinterest Cleanup: How to Organize your Pinterest Boards

How to Organize your Pinterest boards so that your profile flows well and looks organized! In result, you will gain new followers as well as repins!

Let’s just dive right in, shall we?


The first two rows of your Pinterest boards are the most vital. Depending on your screen size will depend on the amount of boards on each row. I have found that 6 per row are the general settings for a desktop computer screen. The first row (6) should ALWAYS be your brand boards. For instance, if you are a lifestyle blogger and have a few categories that you blog about DO NOT put all of those pins into one Pinterest board; separate those bad boys out so they are easy to find.

For all of you visual people, like me, here is an example of what I am talking about. These are Kellie Smith’s, author of Design Asylum Blog) Brand Boards. She has fabulously separated her posts into board categories of DIY, Interior Design, Travel, and her amazing furniture paint line, Velvet Finishes. Now when someone wants to find one of her Interior Design blog posts, they can easily search in that board…verses digging through one board.

brand boards ksds


Once you have your brand boards separated and placed first then we will move onto your concentration boards. Concentration boards are the boards that will explain who you are in your business, what someone can expect to see from your blog, what you will be pinning about the most. These boards are the first impression of your Pinterest account – hence, the most important – besides your brand boards.

Let’s take a look at my brand boards and concentration boards. Here is my order and why:


  1.  Amy Howard Social Blog: brand board.
  2. Blessed (personal yet vital to the success of my biz) My first Concentration Board.
  3. My Social Media Tips for Creatives Group Board is next: states my interest is social media.
  4. Launch Girls Blog: shows I blog and am a part of Launch Girls.
  5. Blog like a Boss: displays that I am a blogger.
  6. Entrepreneur Biz Tips: I am an entrepreneur.
  7. Inspirational Quotes: we can all use a pick me up some days, right?
  8. Power Women: shows that I appreciate and support power women! #bossbabe
  9. Stock that Rocks: I am interested in stock photography to make my blog look good, girl!
  10. Desk Pretties: lovely additions for your desk.
  11. Work from Home: proves that I more than likely work from home.
  12. Watercolor: I like the look and artistic features of watercolor – (this is one of my top pinned from boards)

Did you see what I did there?! As one can tell I myself am a Social Media Strategist, an entrepreneur who blogs, likes to inspire others, feminist, who works from home. 🙂 Generally, this is what I blog on and what my readers are interested in seeing pinned.


Now, what to do with the rest of your boards?

From our Concentration Boards we move into our personal boards. Place these boards in alphabetical order!

Now when I say personal boards, I still mean personal boards that your target market want to see. Remember, we are pinning for our audience – not for ourselves! For my personal boards, I focused on other subjects that my readers would be pinning about. I chose to go with topics on children, beauty, DIY, holidays, interior design, marriage, my style, patterns, recipes, southern women, travel…etc. I get repins from all of these boards – could you imagine if I only pinned about business? Talk about zero fun! Spice it up a little and develop relevant, personal boards that your target market are interested in and have a Pinterest Party with them! 🙂


*please note that I reduced my screen size to 75% so I could squeeze all of my personal boards into this screen shot; generally there are 6 boards per row*


At last we have our favorite, handy dandy group boards. As we all know, Pinterest group boards are the holy grail of Pinterest. Place these in alphabetical order as well so they are easy to find and pretty to look at. Here is a look at my group boards:

group boards

When you get to the personal and group board part of your Pinterest cleanup please put your boards in ALPHABETICAL order. This makes finding them so much easier and your profile flows so much better.

What are you waiting for? Go organize your Pinterest boards – it will make you feel like a new woman! If you need help with your Pinterest Cleanup, holla at your girl here > Cleanup Options.

Do you have any tips on organizing your Pinterest boards that you would like to share with us? Please comment below!


How to Organize your Pinterest boards so that your profile flows well and looks organized! In result, you will gain new followers as well as repins!

 *amazing stock image source: Haute Chocolate – go check out her stock image library!*



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  1. Dilini says:

    Pinterest – aka my JAM, BFF, BAD HABIT, OBSESSION, SOUL MATE, and much much more. It is true. It is what Pinterest for me also.
    Great post on organizing Pinterest boards. One more thing I do is making some personal boards secret. For example, I have a board for our upcoming vacation but it is not relevant for my audience, so I kept it secret.

  2. Viktoria says:

    Amazingly great post! I love Pinterest like it is my child, though my children are my first loves and then it’s Pinterest. I am just now starting to really get my pin boards in order and it’s all thanks to your advice! Thank you!

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