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Here is the ultimate list of my Top 7 Blog + Biz Pinterest Group Boards that you should be following and participating in

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7 Blog + Biz Pinterest Group Boards You Should Follow + Join

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If you’ve been here for a while, you know that I LOVE Pinterest.; for SO many perfect reasons. One of those many reasons are for my Pinterest secret weapon; aka:


Pinterest Group Boards are a necessity to have in your social media arsenal. Let’s talk about why and take a look at this list of my Top 7 Blog + Biz Pinterest Group Boards that you should be following and participating in. Now, this is by no means a comprehensive list, but I’ve found tons of helpful info on each of these boards and they stand out in my mind as great resources for my blog + biz!

Here is the ultimate list of my Top 7 Blog + Biz Pinterest Group Boards that you should be following and participating in

Why Join Pinterest Group Boards?

Let’s say you have 1k followers on Pinterest. (woo hoo) That means that 1k people “might” see your pins and a few of them will repin your content. Now, if you follow and join a Pinterest Group Board that has maybe 10k followers you will have access to those 10k followers that are already interested in your niche that you will be pinning about. <<– MIND BLOWING RIGHT?

Keep in mind that each Pinterest Group Board has certain rules; follow them. Don’t be spammy – keep the pins on these boards to a minimum. Pin your content to your brand board and repin from there to your Pinterest Group Boards. Also, USE YOUR PINTEREST ANALYTICS to see how your group boards perform for you. I promise this is easy – don’t be overwhelmed by group boards. They are a blessing from the Pinterest Gods!

Here are my Top 7 Favorite Blog + Biz Pinterest Group Boards that are currently helping me rock my blog + biz:

1/ Social Media Boss

1.1k followers // jam packed with social media tips so you can rock your blog + biz like a boss

2/ Blogging Boost Official Board

9k followers // this one is definitely a goodie – filled with blogging tips for beginners and ol’ pros

3/ Young Creative Entrepreneurs

10.6k followers // a fun board that represents creative entrepreneurs to the fullist

4/ Blogging Tips Community Board

13.1k followers // blogging tips

5/ Savvy Business Owners

4.3k followers // all of these pins come from small savvy business owners like you and me

6/ Lady Boss Entrepreneur Collab Board

1.6k followers // this board is for the lady bosses – you know who you are

7/ Best Blog Tips & Social Media Tips

33.6k followers // the best blog tips and social media tips all in one place

If you’re looking for even more group boards, there are services like Pin Groupie that list lots of boards and make it possible to search by niche and topic, and there are Facebook groups like Pinterest Collaborative Boards that make it really easy for people to find boards to pin to.

Now, spill it. What Blog + Biz Pinterest Group Boards are your favorite? We all want to know!


Here is the ultimate list of my Top 7 Blog + Biz Pinterest Group Boards that you should be following and participating in

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  1. Amy, thank you so much for this post! I love the round up. I have only recently discovered group boards, but am already seeing the potential and fun of group collaboration. I would love your perspective on whether a group board can ever be too big to participate. Also, is there criteria you consider before requesting to join a board or accepting an invitation to a board. For instance, I was invited to a board that had a lot of spammy pins and unrelated pins although I loved the subject of the board and the pins that were genuinely related. Because of the number of unrelated/spammy pins and the number of pinners, I elected not to accept the invitation. I had no other criteria other than my gut feeling when I perused the board.
    Regina L. L. Wells recently posted…How to Give Your Blog a Makeover for the New YearMy Profile

  2. Amy Howard says:

    Hi Regina!

    These are great concerns and questions you have. When you are checking into a group board take a look at the amount of followers and the amount of contributors. (you can see the contributor numbers at the top left of the board – the first person it shows is the board creator) If the contributor number is huge that means that most ALL of those people pin to that board – meaning that your pins could get pushed down on the board. If a group board is your niche and you wish to join go for it! Try it out and use your Pinterest analytics to see if you receive repins from the board.

    As far as the board that you were unsure of – trust your gut. There are PLENTY of group boards to choose from – most are successful but not all are. I would only participate in boards that are relevant, on point, non-spammy, and a great resource for you. Just because you are invited doesn’t mean you should join.

    I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any further questions. Thanks so much for your comment Regina.
    Amy Howard recently posted…7 Blog + Biz Pinterest Group Boards You Should Follow + JoinMy Profile

  3. Awesome round-up, girl!!! I’m off to follow them all…. 🙂


  4. Amy, great post. I’ve started following several of the boards and can’t wait to find time to discover new tips and ideas.
    Shelly@ConfettiStyle recently posted…10 Tips for Organizing Your Christmas DecorMy Profile

  5. Anna Zubarev says:

    WOW, What a fantastic source all in one page!!!

    I’m happy to spread the love on this one 😉

  6. Harriet says:

    Hi Amy
    This is great stuff. I have only just joined pinterest and creating by blog. Still WIP and a lot to learn.
    Thank you for this. Great value

    • Amy Howard says:

      Hi Harriet!

      You are so right, there is a lot to learn regarding blogging and Pinterest. I hope that some of my articles can help you along the way. Feel free to email me if you need any help.


  7. Elizabeth says:

    You rock Amy! I love all of your group boards, and blog posts.
    Elizabeth recently posted…Writing your first bookMy Profile

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