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Need help with your never-ending business tasks? Go here to see why you should hire an intern for your blog this summer - you will never look back!

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Why you Should Hire an Intern for your Blog


Let’s get real here for a minute ladies. Most days, I have more on my to-do list than I care to think about. I have deadlines and tasks looming over my head, client work that I have to complete, and the list goes on… Being an entrepreneur can be super overwhelming, no matter how much we love what we do. In business we need fresh ideas, help with everyday tasks, and sometimes just someone in general just to help bounce ideas off of. You feel me? Or is this just something that I experience? Please tell me that I am not alone!

Well, what if I told you that there is an untapped place that could help? This place may lack blogging experience, but it makes up for that in spirit. Curious about where that magical unicorn of a place is? Keep reading sister…

Need help with your never-ending business tasks? Go here to see why you should hire an intern for your blog this summer - you will never look back!

On college campuses! That’s right, there are people there who are about to enter adulthood who want the experience to jump with no regrets. They want to dive into a similar career path, just like we did. You have the ability to help them reach their goals, while they breath life back into your projects. Taking an intern can be intimidating at first, but those who seek opportunities truly want to gain experience. They want to work with you. To be the person that you bounce ideas off of when you are stuck. They want to help write posts for your blog. But it’s also so much more than that. You gain a team member, and someone to leave a business legacy with. What they learn will stick with them as they grow and change throughout their lives.


What Bloggers Can Gain from an Internship:

Let’s be honest here – FREE help!! 🙂

An opportunity to teach and empower future creative entrepreneurs.

It’s a trial period that could potentially lead into something more.

A fresh set of eyes never hurts anything.

Hiring an intern can help spread awareness of your biz to a new audience.

This can be a great opportunity to sit back and take some stress off of you.

Small tasks can be designated to interns, eventually bigger tasks can be handed out and taken off of your biz plate.

If you have never had help before in your biz, this can be not only a huge relief, but it can teach you how to let some tasks go.

Bloggers can gain just as much from an internship as the intern can from them. 🙂


What an Intern Can Gain from an Internship:

Experience, experience, experience!!!

How awesome does an internship look on a resume? Totally awesome!

An intern can gain knowledge in their desired field.

A great relationship can be formed with internships – these can lead into a future position!

Word-of-Mouth is strong. An intern can meet great people and build lasting relationships with people that can help them down the road.

Internships can help one decide if this is the career path that they want to take.

The experience that an intern can receive is wonderful and something that they will never forget.

If you have the chance to intern, do it – it may just change your life!



Need help with your never-ending business tasks? Go here to see why you should hire an intern for your blog this summer - you will never look back!


How to Find an Intern:

You can reach out to local agencies, colleges, and on social media in your intern search. Personally, my intern found me through LinkedIn! Depending on the tasks that you would delegate to your intern would determine if your intern would need to be local. I think that internships can be completed long-distance. My gal is local for me, which is great because we got to meet for dinner and chat! To each their own. 🙂


What to Be Careful of When Hiring an Intern:

Now, you can’t just bring on an intern and expect them to just know what to do or how to do it. Remember that I mentioned that these magical people may not have experience, but they will have a great spirit – and sometimes that is just what us bloggers need, a breath of fresh air. Your intern will expect you to tell and show them what you expect to receive from them. So, get your bossy pants on and help these young gals out, while they help you and your biz!


Need help with your never-ending business tasks? Go here to see why you should hire an intern for your blog this summer - you will never look back!

Meet Shannon,
She is my Intern at Amy Howard Social!

Need help with your never-ending business tasks? Go here to see why you should hire an intern for your blog this summer - you will never look back!
Is she not as cute as a button? Here is what Shannon had to say about her internship with me so far:


What is your major in college and why?

I am an English major, concentrating in Writing and Publication as well as minoring in Business Administration. I chose this for myself, because I have always eventually found my way back to words in whatever I’m doing. I have loved writing since I was able to hold a pen. As for the business part, I felt like it would help me in the long run with my career. Lots of people can write, but not everyone can comprehend and then write about it.


Describe your dream job.

My dream job would be running PR and Social Media all day every day. As for where, that changes when the wind blows hard. Sometimes I would like to work for the military and protect the image of those who protect us, and other days I see myself running my own business for an array of different niches. Life has a way of working itself out, and I’m along for the ride in whatever direction this crazy career takes me!


What do you love best about working for AHS?

What I absolutely love about working for AHS is the exposure to all of the pink and the girl boss world! I’ve never done anything quite like this before, but I have absolutely loved being encouraged to be feminine and strong. Us girl bosses will eventually take over the world, you know, and I firmly believe that Amy Howard will be leading the pack!


What types of blogs do you like or who are your favorite bloggers?

I absolutely adore blogs like Peach Tree Palm and The Bright and Glittery Side. I love to embrace being feminine. In a world full of of black (don’t get me wrong I still love it too), we need to have freedom to be pink. I love that they so effortlessly embrace being a woman in their lives.


What do you do in your free time?

When it’s time to have fun, I am ready for almost anything. With the stipulation of me getting to plan some of it first.  I love weekend trips to new cities ( DC has been my favorite so far, if you were wondering), or to go to an art museum. If I take myself out for an afternoon , it usually involved a coffee shop and antique store. I love to be by any form of water. Whether that’s a pool, lake, or the ocean it really doesn’t matter to me. I also love to grab a white legal pad ( yes, I know I’m picky) and sit down to write. My family, friends, and most importantly my pitbull Annabeth make me very happy, and I love to hang out with them.


Describe your personal style.

My personal style changes everyday. One morning I wake up, and put on my spikey combat boots. The next, I’m probably sporting a hot pink maxi dress. That’s what I love so much about clothes, they can change to whatever you are feeling in that very moment. Trust me, no one ever really knows what I’ll walk out of my closet wearing.  I would never say that my style fits a stereotype, but my main goal every day is to look put together. I feel my best when I’m wearing a put together outfit. When you feel your best, you perform whatever task at hand your best, or so I’ve convinced myself.


What is your favorite social media channel and why?
My favorite social media channel currently is SnapChat. I know, some people may not consider it a channel, but I feel like there is so much untouched potential on there that it is exciting. People check it constantly, and it is usually more personal than the other platforms. I’m very interested to see how different businesses are going to start and continue it’s use for marketing purposes.


How has being a part of AHS influenced you and your career path?

Working with Amy Howard Social has shown me that there is the ability to follow your dreams and start your dream career. I have found encouragement and the push I need to try new things, such as blogging, and it’s super exciting. Without this internship, I would not have been able to begin to figure out how to make my social media loving dreams a reality.

Take an intern. Take in someone who needs you to help them grow, all while they are bettering your business with bright new ideas.

I am so glad that I did!


Need help with your never-ending business tasks? Go here to see why you should hire an intern for your blog this summer - you will never look back!

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  1. Krista Reed says:

    Such a great post! I absolutely see Amy Howard as being “the leader of the pack”! So happy that Shannon is working with her!

  2. Rachel says:

    Very interesting! I never thought about hiring an intern for my blog. Curious what an intern day is like and what kind of tasks you give to her?
    Rachel recently posted…Life Lately: Summer Check-inMy Profile

    • Amy Howard says:

      Hi Rachel!

      I NEVER thought about hiring an intern either, until mine discovered me on LinkedIn. Since, I have noticed that quite a few bloggers bring interns on. I think that the tasks would differ for each type of blog – for me personally, Shannon helps me with blog posts, research, small client tasks, but mostly – it is great to have her to jump ideas and thoughts off of. She is one smart cookie! Does this help?


  3. I’ve been curious about doing this for a while. I am definitely thinking this is a great opportunity both ways. You give them experience and they help you with tasks. This is going into my 2017 business plan! Thanks Amy!
    Dia All The Things I Do recently posted…9 SEO Tips For Bloggers + A Free ChecklistMy Profile

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