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You all probably already know that “pretty” social media images are 100% necessary on Instagram, right? Well, the same goes for the Instagram feed. Think of it this way – a pretty image will make you hit like – a pretty feed will make you hit follow. Whew, that was deep wasn’t it? If you want to learn how to develop a feed that is uniform, sends a message, and provides people an insight into the things that speak to you – follow my tips on how to create a cohesive Instagram feed + download your FREE Instagram Style Guide Worksheet!

Instantly download your FREE Instagram Style Guide - It will help you create a cohesive Instagram Feed over and over again! #InstagramTips #InstaGood

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Tip 1: Stay Consistent with your Photo Colors

Say for instance that your brand color palette is blushed or pastel tones. If you have an Instagram feed full of soft photos and then toss a bright, neon photo in there your feed is not only going to look totally silly – your audience is going to be completely thrown for a loop. Stick with using your brand colors – 1 to 3 colors. Creating a cohesive look with your image colors is key ladies!


Tip 2: Tell a Story

When your Instagram feed is consistent a pattern will occur and if you pay close enough attention, you will notice that you are telling a story. Make sure that not just what you type is telling a story, but that your images are as well. What type of story is your Instagram feed saying right now?  Decide what type of story you want to tell, examine what you have been doing on your feed so far, and develop a new Instagram strategy that is true to you and your brand!


Tip 3: Engage with your Audience

It isn’t called social media for nothing! One of the most effective ways to build your Instagram community is to be social and engage with others. We all want comments and likes on photos, so why not get out there and network with other bloggers?  They will return the favor. Search for popular hashtags that are similar to your brand and get to liking! Seriously, just scroll through and heart everything and if you really like something comment on it. You will quickly see them return the favor and ultimately look through your feed and find your blog! An easy way to repost someone’s photo is to participate in #FollowFriday. Just share someone that you like (or wish that would feature you later) and say something like this: “Amy Howard Social has an amazing Insta feed. Be sure to follow her and add some pizazz to your feed!”


Tip 4: Use Relevant Hashtags

I can’t talk about Instagram and not mention hashtags. You can use up to THIRTY hashtags per post; for the love of Kate Spade USE ALL OF THEM! Don’t annoy your readers with thirty hashtags in your photo description – instead add them to the first comment under your photo. A few hashtags are fine in the photo description, but too many look like clutter. Use your brain when you’re using hashtags – research them in Instagram before using them. For example, hashtags with 5 reposts are useless – where hashtags that have over 500k reposts may be a long shot to be featured or seen. Search for Hashtags with a decent following and use those. A lot of times, if you use a hashtag from a certain brand, they will regram your photo – holla! Need help finding hashtags that increase engagement, take a look at these Instagram Hashtags that will Double your Likes!


Tip 5: Join the Haute Chocolate Styled Stock Library

If you’re anything like me, you don’t always have a super clean desk that you can take a flat lay photo of. You don’t always have a beautiful breakfast that is spread out on your marble kitchen island; and you definitely don’t have beautiful Kate Spade notebooks + pens that look like they have never been touched. Am I right, or am I right? Personally, I simply just don’t have time to create great flat lays + make sure the natural light is on point at all times. However, I still want beautiful Instagram images. So, what’s my solution to having endless perfect Instagram photos at my fingertips that follow through with my above Instagram feed tips? The Haute Chocolate Stock Image Library. Be sure to mix in personal photos of yourself, selfies, etc. when you can to keep your feed authentic to you.



Tip 6: Instantly Download your Free Instagram Style Guide

I have created a simple, yet super useful FREE WORKSHEET that will help you create a cohesive Instagram Feed over and over again! This guide will help you with the following: creating content, conveying your brand’s vibe, helping you stick to your color palette, telling your story, plus more! Hurry and download and never worry about not having a cohesive Instagram feed again!

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Instantly download your FREE Instagram Style Guide - It will help you create a cohesive Instagram Feed over and over again! #InstagramTips #InstaGood



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