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Instagram Hashtags that Will Double your Likes

Oh, the beloved hashtag. It connects us to others like us, and allows those who are interested in our topics to see all of our lovely Instagram pictures. The key to being successful on Instagram is to find other people who have the niche as you do, and borrowing some of their hashtags. Not only does this increase the number of pictures someone will see when they get curious and click, but often other accounts may just send out a thank you. And everyone loves Instagram shares, shout outs, and discoveries! So how do you find other people with similar topics as you? Well, you could spend an entire afternoon following pig trails and end up lost in Instagram, or you could just reference this lovely list of often used hashtags that I have found to work like a charm for my clients and myself… 🙂

Instagram Hashtags for Bloggers that will DOUBLE likes! Here are a few Instagram Hashtags, by niche, proven to double Instagram likes via Amy Howard Social.

Here they are, Instagram Hashtags that Will Double your Likes!!

DIY / Design / Home Bloggers: Are you a DIY blogger? You know the ones that can make anything out of nothing, the ones that capture photos of their home that look absolutely stunning, the ones that I envy so. (believe me, this girl can’t DIY much) These Instagram Hashtags are for you ladies…

#thatsdarling / #ohwowyes / #interiorlovers / #instahome / #homedecor / #diyblogger / #abmlifeiscolorful / #mybeautifulmess / #creativityfound / #makersgunnamake

Creative Bloggers: Us #girlbosses are always looking for ways to connect with other hustlers in the biz, especially with these hash tags. So talk social media strategies together, and join forces! You always need more fierce women by your side.

#girlbossparty / #savvybusinessowner / #risingtidesociety / #communityovercompetition / #bandogirlgang / #dontquityourdaydream #flashesofdelight / #entrepreneurlifestyle / #theeverydayproject / #creativepreneur



Lifestyle Posts: Everyone loves pretty pictures. Your picnic yesterday was to die for, and you just took the most adorable pic for it. Use these hashtags for your fabulous pic to be amongst the loveliness…

#flashesofdelight / #thehappynow / #livethelittlethings / #pursuepretty / #theeverydayproject / #makeyousmilestyle / #thatsdarling / #photosinbetween / #soloverly / #ihavethisthingwithpink



Quotes: Feeling especially sentimental? Or maybe you yourself needed a boost to pour your coffee this morning. Whatever drove to wanting to post that quote, here are so #inspiring tags to connect you fellow word lovers:

#wordsofwisdom / #lifelessons / #thoughtoftheday / #positivequotes / #inspiringquotes / #quoteoftheday / #quotestoliveby / #quotesgram / #quotesandsayings / #quotestagram



Coffee/Tea : Drinking that 2 p.m. coffee like the hustler you are? Or maybe English Breakfast is more your style. Whatever your drink of preference is, you are posting those adorable mug pics that make everyone super jealous of your latte. Add these at the end of your macchiato perfection:

#coffeeholic / #coffeeoftheday / #coffeelife / #cupsinframe / #butfirstcoffee / #coffeemovement / #teabreak / #teaonly / #ateacuplove / #teaandseasons



Bright Colors: Are bright, neon colors your thing? If so, these hashtags are up your Instagram alley… get your blinders on though because these photos will be bright, bold, and beautiful!

#candyminimal / #popyacolor / #abmlifeiscolorful / #bandofun / #mycreativebiz / #myunicornlife / #colorhunters / #colorsplurge / #dscolor / #theeverydaygirl



Flatlay: It took you hours to finally fix everything to look absolutely perfect. We love to look at them, we hate to make them. The flatlay is still taking the Insta world by storm. If you find yourself creating that perfect photo on a white surface, connect with the others who also have your extreme patience with these Instagram hashtags…

#fromabove / #onmytable / #tablesituation / #onthetableproject / #flatlaythenation / #flatlayforever / #flatlaystyle / #flatlay / #flatlayoftheday / #hcstyledstock



Daily Hashtags: Remember these daily hashtags that have grown like crazy on Instagram…

#makewavesmonday / #traveltuesday / #womancrushwednesday / #throwbackthursday / #followfriday

Emojis: Did you know that you can hashtag emojis?? *mind blown, huh?* Yes mam, you can hashtag these cute little icons – here are a few of my favorites…

???????????? ???????? ???????????? ???? ???? ???? ???? ☕ ???? ???? ???????????????????????? ???????? ???? ???????? ???? ???? ???????????? ????????




The hashtag is powerful. You are connecting yourself to other who have similar goals to your own. Let us always empower each other instead of competing.


Follow me on Instagram if you want, I wouldn’t hate it.

Have your own hashtag that we should know about? Submit it to me to be included in future lists!

What are some of your go-to Instagram hashtags?

DON’T FORGET IT : PIN IT!Instagram Hashtags for Bloggers that will DOUBLE likes! Here are a few Instagram Hashtags, by niche, proven to double Instagram likes via Amy Howard Social.




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  1. Holly says:

    The hashtag is definitely SO powerful – this is a great post, Amy! I’ve been using some of these hashtags and seen a massive increase in my engagement. I’ve just made a note of some of the others so I can’t wait to put them to use!

  2. I SO needed these! Since the introduction of the Instagram algorithm my likes have dropped like flies. Hopefully this will help get them back up again

    Steph –

  3. Thank you so much for sharing these, I’ve copied all the ones I think will be best for me into a note on my phone otherwise I’ll instantly forget!

    Stephie xx

  4. Aisling says:

    Oooh thanks so much for this post! I never know which hashtags to use that are more community based, other than the *bloggers ones. I’ve pinned this so hopefully I can remember to use some in the future.

    Aisling | anthologie.

  5. Sophie says:

    Thank-you for this – i think it’s a great way to reach others who will be interested in your content/share your interests. I find it’s also a great way to DISCOVER bloggers yourself!

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  7. Great tips! Love the emojis!

  8. Rita says:

    Just what I’ve been searching for. Great list! Thank you!

  9. Anna Zubarev says:

    How clever to have all of these hashtags in one place!
    Thanks Amy for making it so accessible!

  10. Dawn says:

    Love these great tips. I”m growing my brand and appreciate great articles like this.. Can’t wait to read more from you!!

  11. Love this post. This is very helpful for hotel marketing too.
    what are your favourite travel hashtags?

  12. LizZ H. says:

    I had no idea about using emojis as hashtags! Thank you for this 😀

  13. Omar Saady says:

    Really nice sharing, thanks so much

    Even if you’re posting awesome images, you need a strategy to get people to even see them and start following you and of course Including trending Hashtags will widen Your Discoverability.

    All my best,
    Omar Saady recently posted…First Five Things to Do When Starting an Online BusinessMy Profile

  14. Jamie says:

    Great post! Your blog looks awesome. I use an app called “HashMe”. You type in a hashtag and it gives you a huge list of trending tags that you can click on to copy and paste. It’s pretty awesome and it will change as the trending tags change.

  15. Ashley says:

    Hashtags are definitely powerful and it can be so hard to find the right ones! Thank you for sharing these with us.

  16. Hi Amy! Just wanted to thank you for this post – I’ve been on an Instagram mission for the last week to improve and grow so I really appreciate these tips! I also loved how you laid them out; so many bloggers give these tips in blocks that are difficult to follow as not all apply to “lifestyle bloggers” etc, as you know we all have our own quirks within the niche! It really helped that I could read each tag and decide if it’s suitable for my strategy! Onward and upward! Huge thanks xx

  17. Emma says:

    Good tips, thanks, I putted them all in my notes so I can use them if I need it 🙂
    Emma recently posted…Wearing much makeup with hot weater, no go!My Profile

  18. This was so helpful! I’m just starting my blog and working to promote through Instagram! Thank you for these hashtag ideas!!

  19. PRIYA says:

    i am so going to try these to boost my likes..thanks for sharing

  20. Elle says:

    This is a great list! Thank you for sharing these! I’ll have to save this for future reference.

  21. My mind just blew with the emoji hashtags! Didn’t know you could do that! Thanks for the tip!

  22. Ellen says:

    I’m not even up to date with my boring hashtags so thank you for this post! Also, I never knew that you could use emojis as hashtags. You learn something new everyday… :O

  23. Kostium says:

    Thank you! Great tips! Love the emojis!

  24. I admit that I’m not always the best at commenting on blog posts but I absolutely needed to with this one! These are so helpful, and so original! I love it, thanks for the help!

  25. Mallory says:

    Awesome hashtag tips! I love using hashtags to connect with other bloggers!

  26. Minosh says:

    Awesome, Thanks !

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