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Photography is truly QUEEN in today’s current social media space, and for good reason. Instagram very well could be, ok it is, the social media platform where you MUST HAVE STRONG PHOTOS. Instagram is simple, clean, fun to use and can have major benefits!

Keep reading to view my 5 Quick Tips to Instagram Success!

Want to quickly revamp your Instagram account? Take a peek at these 5 quick tips to Instagram Success that will quickly get you on the right track!

#1: Complete your Instagram Bio

Your Instagram profile is your first impression, so let’s make it a good one shall we? Please have a rocking profile photo of YOURSELF. Instagram is all about the behind-the-scene shots and learning about YOU; a more personal approach to social media if you will. Next, your Instagram bio should be short and sweet. (it kind of has to be – they limit us to a certain number) In your bio summarize who you are, what you do, add something catchy, and a call-to-action to the end. By adding all of these you tell someone what you do, what they can expect to see in your feed, something catchy will tell them something personal about yourself, and the call-to-action will direct them to do something. ie. subscribe, follow, download etc. Of course, add your site link in your bio – change the link out accordingly when you have a recent blog post that you would like to promote. #directlinkinbio


#2: Only share Sharp Photos

Please only share clean, crisp, sharp photos to Instagram. Dull lighting, blurry fonts, etc. are definitely a downer on Instagram. In need of more photography help? If you need sharp stock images – you must check out the HOLY GRAIL of stock imagery – You can read all about her amazing feminine stock image library here!


#3: Hashtags

You can use up to THIRTY hashtags per post; for the love of Kate Spade USE ALL OF THEM! Don’t annoy your readers with thirty hashtags in your photo description – instead add them to the first comment under your photo. A few hashtags are fine in the photo description, but too many look like clutter. Use your brain when you’re using hashtags – research them in Instagram before using them. For example, hashtags with 5 reposts are useless – where hashtags that have over 500k reposts may be a long shot to be featured or seen. Search for Hashtags with a decent following and use those. A lot of times, if you use a hashtag from a certain brand, they will regram your photo – holla!


#4: Like, Comment, and Share

It isn’t called social media for nothing! One of the most effective ways to build your Instagram community is to be social and engage with others. We all want comments and likes on photos, so why not get out there and network with other bloggers?  They will return the favor. Search for popular hashtags that are similar to your brand and get to liking! Seriously, just scroll through and heart everything and if you really like something comment on it. You will quickly see them return the favor and ultimately look through your feed and find your blog! An easy way to regram someone’s photo is to participate in #FollowFriday. Just share someone that you like (or wish that would feature you later) and say something like this: “Launch Girls has an amazing Insta feed. Be sure to follow them to add some pizazz to your feed!”

#5: Post Regularly

On the day that your blog post goes live, post it on Instagram; use appropriate hashtags. Even if you don’t have a new blog post for the day, post! You cannot grow any social media network if you randomly post to it sometimes, when you feel like it. Be consistent and as long as your photos are branded, relative to your niche and audience your followers will like it. Your Instagram account is a reflection of you and your brand. Please remember that when you post to the fabulous world of Instagram!


Social Media Tip:

Please make sure that you make it easy for your audience to find you on Instgram. Have your Instagram social media icon easy to find on your blog and you should add an Instagram widget to your sidebar. Make things as easy for your blogosphere friends as you can!

What are your tips for Instagram Success? Better yet, what does Instagram Success mean to you? I would love to hear from you!

For assistance with your Instagram account holla at your girl!

Let’s find each other on Instagram – I would love to meet you!


Want to quickly revamp your Instagram account? Take a peek at these 5 quick tips to Instagram Success that will quickly get you on the right track!



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  1. Corn says:

    Thanks so much for this post. It’s so great to hear about the small tips and tricks that can make a big difference. I appreciate that you took the time to lend a hand to those of us trying to navigate this. I’m still desperately trying to find a way to manage this while working full time, don’t know how you created a successful blog and worked as well.

  2. I agree with being as interactive as possible, creating a network of people is great when it comes to building your brand and image along with growing your circle of followers/people you follow. Great article.

  3. I agree with all said above completely, but i have a little addition to the point 4. You do need to interact with people – it is SOCIAL, man! -but you don’t need to do it manually. If you know what kind of people you need to follow you, you can automate the actions on, and it’ll do it for you, while you walk around taking pictures of whatever. I’m genuinely happy about it, and i advise you to try it.

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