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7 Ways to Brand your Pinterest + Gain New Followers - the kind of followers who will love what you do, subscribe to your newsletter, and join your tribe!

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7 Ways to Brand your Pinterest + Gain New Followers

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Pinterest is my jam y’all! Seriously, I CANNOT get enough of it. Pinterest isn’t just about getting a bunch of traffic to your blog. It’s about getting the right visitors to your blog — the kind of people who will love what you do, subscribe to your newsletter, and join your tribe! Here are 7 Ways to Brand your Pinterest + Gain New (the right types) Followers – hence get more traffic to your blog, which is the ultimate goal.

7 Ways to Brand your Pinterest + Gain New Followers - the kind of followers who will love what you do, subscribe to your newsletter, and join your tribe!

1) Master the First Impression

Whoever said don’t judge a book by its cover wrote a book with an ugly cover…just saying. Your profile picture (aka book cover) has to be a strong, clear, pretty image of your smiling self. Being approachable and friendly will make me want to learn more about you and ultimately become besties! If you can, hire a professional photographer to take photos of you and use one for all of your social media channels.


Your Pinterest Biography needs to be complete as well. Make your bio catchy and with a call to action at the end, telling people what you want them to do. We only get one shot at making a first impression; we better make it a good one!


2) Convert to a Business Account

Should you keep your personal Pinterest account and start a separate business account? My opinion is no way! You would have to start gaining followers from zero…zero followers and honestly operating two separate Pinterest accounts would be way too much work for your pretty self. If you are going to operate your Pinterest as a business account, convert it to a business account. By converting, you can use Pinterest Analytics. Your analytics will show you a lot of juicy information that will help you get to know what your audience enjoys and what type of content you should create more of. If you want to drive traffic to your blog with Pinterest, a business account is necessary. Ready to convert? Go to Pinterest for Business, it is super easy.


3) Rich Pins

Rich pins are fancier, high-quality pins that display your website name and favicon underneath the pin. The look is much cleaner and makes the pin look “legit.” To see the difference you can check out AHS rich pins here. You’ll notice that they all say “from Amy Howard Social” underneath, and also have my site’s pretty little favicon. Since I myself applied for rich pins, I have noticed a HUGE difference in my repin count. This is definitely a game change y’all. How to apply for rich pins? If on WordPress, you must have the “Yoast SEO Plugin” downloaded to your site. Once that is complete head to the “Rich Pins Validator”  and insert one of your blog post links. You should get approved fairly quickly depending on your site.


4) Pinterest Cleanup

Ahh, the Pinterest Cleanup. This is secretly something that I geekishly love and offer as a service here at AHS. A Pinterest Cleanup is exactly what it sounds like…an intensive cleanup of Pinterest boards. A cleanup is ideal for any pinner, especially seasoned accounts that have thousands of unrelevant pins and crazy boards that are all over the place. If this sounds like you, please don’t feel bad…we have all been there. Here is a simple summary of what  a Pinterest Cleanup from AHS involves:

  • Board titles and descriptions updated and optimized for search. (SEO)
  • Board covers optimized to create a cohesive look that reflects your brand.
  • Organization of boards.
  • Add, change, and delete boards.
  • Delete pins with a zero repind.
  • Remove boards, pins, etc. that aren’t niche appropriate.

Need more information on my Pinterest Cleanups? Contact me at or simply comment below! Also, to see a great example of a Pinterest Cleanup find me on Pinterest!


5) Pin for Your Tribe

What is your tribe you may ask?? Your audience, readers, target market, and fellow entrepreneurs with your same interests and goals make up your tribe. Yes, your Pinterest followers fall into your tribe as well. Once you commit to operating your Pinterest account as a business account you have accepted the fact that you no longer pin for yourself…you only pin images that your target market (your tribe) will appreciate and want to repin. This is the same scenario with your blog posts…you know what your readers react to best.

By using your Pinterest analytics you will be able to see exactly what your tribe likes and dislikes; so let’s give the people what they want and pin what they like! Relax, this doesn’t sound as complicated as it seems…more than likely your tribe is going to like what you like. So just be yourself, pay attention to what you pin, and think to yourself – Will someone repin this?? If the answer is yes, pin that bad boy!


6) Have a Daily Pinterest Party!

Who doesn’t like to party?? Make Pinterest your everyday party by pinning DAILY! If you really want to make this social media strategist happy and gain new followers everyday, pin at least 100-50 times per day. (of course make sure 10%-15% of that content is your own) Isn’t this totally exciting? Well it is when every single on of your pins get repined, the new followers come flooding in, and your analytics on your blog show you all of the viewers you are receiving from good ol Pinterest! Seriously, Pinterest is a Party…let’s party on Pinterest together…you can find me here!!!!


7) Join Group Boards

My last tip I have is on joining Pinterest group boards. When you pin your pins to a group board, you are essentially collaborating with like pinners.  The pinners in the group or the pinners that follow the Pinterest group board will more than likely repin your items because they are your target audience. This will drive more traffic to your website and you will also gain more followers. Ta da!!

Please only join group boards that are relevant to your niche. For example, my readers are typically entrepreneurs, bloggers, stay at home moms, small biz owners…my group boards reflect that. For example, I won’t be joining any children, recipes, or travel group boards anytime soon. Not saying I don’t enjoy those things, I do, but the followers of those boards more than likely won’t resignate with me or my blog. To find awesome group boards go to

If you’re looking to join a Social Media Tips group board I operate a pretty snazzy one…you can find it here: Social Media Tips for Creatives!

Let’s Recap:

  1. Master the First Impression with a pretty profile photo and a catchy bio.
  2. Convert your Pinterest account to a Business Account…let’s be professional ladies.
  3. Apply for Rich Pins so your content will be all gussied up and appear as relevant as you and I know it is.
  4. Conduct a Pinterest Cleanup on all of your boards…I know I hate cleaning up too, but this is NECESSARY.
  5. Pin for your Tribe
  6. Have a Daily Pinterest Party!!
  7. Join Pinterest Group Boards…stick to boards within your niche.

I hope that you are inspired to brand your Pinterest so you can start gaining new followers. Do you have any Pinterest branding tips that you would like to share with us? Help a sister out and tell us your juicy secrets; comment below!


7 Ways to Brand your Pinterest + Gain New Followers - the kind of followers who will love what you do, subscribe to your newsletter, and join your tribe!



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