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Want to learn How to be a Social Media Boss? Take a look at this interview with The Sweetest Digs and see her juicy social media secrets!

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How to Be a Social Media Boss – Interview with The Sweetest Digs


Tis time for another Social Media BOSS interview! I hope that you all are enjoying meeting new bloggers that are absolutely killing the social media scene as much as I am. Today, let’s get to know Gemma from The Sweetest Digs and get her take on Social Media!

Want to learn How to be a Social Media Boss? Take a look at this interview with The Sweetest Digs and see her juicy social media secrets!

Meet Gemma!

Now, this lady is not only a crazy successful blogger at THE SWEETEST DIGS, she is also one of my clients! Yes, a crazy cool girl from Canada reached out to this little Georgia peach y’all – and I am SO grateful that she did. I have been assisting Gemma for a while now and if her chic blog style isn’t enough for ya, she offers crazy awesome FREEBIES quite often. Oh, and she is also hella funny – I enjoy our email conversations so! Now, let’s get to it and learn exactly why Gemma is being featured as our April Social Media BOSS!

Want to learn How to be a Social Media Boss? Take a look at this interview with The Sweetest Digs and see her juicy social media secrets!

Want to learn How to be a Social Media Boss? Take a look at this interview with The Sweetest Digs and see her juicy social media secrets!







What’s the 411 on you and your biz?

Hey guys! I’m Gemma Bonham-Carter. I’m the girl behind THE SWEETEST DIGS – a blog all about creating a home and life you love. I write about DIY projects, how to decorate with style on a budget, and tips for creative online biz owners. When I’m not working on my blog or etsy shop, you can find me running after my two kiddos with an Americano in hand, hanging with my hubby, and enjoying Sunday morning roadtrips to the flea market.





Why use social media? What’s your take-away from it?

Social media is THE place to connect with readers, fellow bloggers, etc. I love that it offers the ability to create a community. I feel like I have a ton of online besties out there, who are into the same things I am and who are often the first place I turn to for advice or a laugh.


Where is your social media home?

Hmm, I use different outlets in different ways. If I want pure inspiration – whether it be for DIY projects, decorating, activities to do with my kids, hair styles, etc – I hit up Pinterest. I can spend WAAAAY too long browsing and pinning. It’s a problem, really.

Then if I want to know what’s going on right now online, I’ll head on over to instagram. I feel like it’s always got the latest and greatest and is good for a quick browse, especially in the lineup at the coffee shop or while breastfeeding my babe.

And then facebook I love for the connection. I feel like I still comment over there more than anywhere else and there is more of a conversation that happens. I’m a part of quite a few blogging biz facebook groups and they are great for learning about new stuff, posing questions, and connecting with fellow bloggers.


How long did it take you to grow your social media following?

Oh gosh, I’m still growing it all the time! I try not to put on too much pressure to have a certain number of followers – just post what feels right for me, connect with people, and enjoy it. If it becomes too rigid, I think that’s when the fun disappears. I also don’t worry about being on every single platform out there. I have chosen the ones that appeal to me, and try to do them well, rather than being everywhere but badly.


What overwhelms you the most with social media?

The posting schedule I strive for used to overwhelm me the post. However, creating an overall strategy and using people (like Amy!) and software out there to schedule things in advance has made it so much more manageable and enjoyable.




Which social media network gives you the biggest return?

Pinterest. Without a doubt!


How much time per week do you spend in social media land?

I plan out my social media posting in advance and so only spend about an hour or two a week batch-scheduling. However… I totally get lost in facebook group browsing and pinning just on my own time, when it isn’t necessarily “business related”. Who knows how much time that takes up! Too much, I’m sure!


Do you ever think of unplugging from social media?

I do unplug quite regularly! Pretty much every weekend I have my phone off and do my best not to look at it. I have two kids and a wonderful husband and this is my family time – way too precious to spend staring at my phone.

I also don’t look at social media over holidays. I’ll usually try to batch schedule things in advance when I’m taking time off, but I also don’t kill myself over it. We’re only human!


What makes your fabulous self follow another blogger or brand on social media?

If the imagery is inspirational and speaks to me, then I follow right away. It’s all about the aesthetic for me with social media!



If you could describe social media in one word – what would you choose? Social Media Boss in one word?

Connection. Dedicated.


Where do you see social media going in the next 5 years? Will your biz change with the new trends?

Oh gosh I’m no good at predicting this kind of stuff. I think people will always be drawn to beautiful images and connecting with people online, but who knows what form that will take. I will always aim to adapt with the changing trends online for sure – but still doing what feels right to me.


What do you enjoy most by using social media?

Connecting with other folks out there. That’s definitely the best part.


Spill it. Any tips on how to rock social media like a boss?

Create an overall brand for yourself with a defined ‘look’, and then stay true to it. This is super appealing to viewers and gives you an appearance of credibility and professionalism.



What’s next from The Sweetest Digs?

Well, you can keep expecting a ton of great DIY project tutorials, decorating ideas, and blogging biz tips. I also have a new online course coming out meant for you DIY + design bloggers out there who are looking to monetize your blog. It’s called ‘Create your Blog Biz: Start making a real income from your DIY + design blog in the next 30 days’ and will be launching in early May. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter to stay in the know and get first dibs on the course (at the pre-sale price!). You can sign up here and receive access to my freebie library at the same time (link: I also have more wedding printables to launch in my etsy shop, and will also be adding more event printables for baby showers, wedding showers, etc. There is always lots going on to keep me on my toes! Thanks for having me, Amy!

Since we are all about making Social Media a Party we asked Gemma…

what's one thing that the ultimate party must have- (1)

My one thing a party must have? A killer playlist, preferably with a good amount of 90’s hip hop tunes. Yep, I’m a through and through woo-hoo girl who loves to bust a move. If I had to pick one tune to jam to I would pick “What’s Love” – Fat Joe – yep the ultimate throwback right there! 🙂

So as we can see, Gemma is killing it! She DIY’s, Runs an Etsy shop, + more – & now she is teaching us how to operate a successful blog. How lucky are we? Oh, let’s not forget to mention she has a killer taste in party music. 🙂

Find THE SWEETEST DIGS on social media and show Gemma some Social Sister Love!

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Want to learn How to be a Social Media Boss? Take a look at this interview with The Sweetest Digs and see her juicy social media secrets!



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  1. Ashley says:

    Ugh I’m getting so frustrated with social media. I have to do it because…well traffic. And I need traffic but even using things to schedule (buffer and board booster) it’s still so time consuming!! And I can’t seem to nail down a real strategy or plan each week I just randomly find things to post and fill my buffer up but it still takes forever to do so. And I’m left wondering if it’s even worth the time at all because most of what I share isn’t even my own content….

    This post is inspiring though. I think maybe I need to take the pressure off. Just post what I want, when I want and figure out what platforms work best so I can focus more energy on those and forget the ones that are time-wasters.

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