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Since February 2012 I have been a stay at home mom and since January 2015 I have been a working stay at home mom. I was in for a surprise when I quickly realized that just like motherhood isn’t easy, working from home isn’t easy. Is working from home to be with my little superhero worth it? You bet your buns it is!

Here are my tips on How to Balance Working From Home – this one is for the Boss Moms!

Are you a Boss Mom that works from home? If so, take a look at these amazing tips on How to Balance Working from Home from Amy Howard Social!

This is a guest post that I wrote for Dana at Boss Mom and she graciously featured me as Boss Mom of the Week! Join the Boss Mom Movement and her community of fabulous Boss Moms, here!

Create a Business Plan with Goals

I like to make plans. I like to know what I am doing, setting a schedule, and checking tasks off of my list. This applies to things with my son, moms you know what I am talking about – the scheduled nap times, feedings, tummy time, etc. – the same type of plans need to be made for you biz.

What should be included in your business plan? Your business plan can be as detailed as you wish. Personally, for my biz schedule I set daily goals. I quickly learned that not everything on my to-do-list could be achieved in a day’s work, so I started writing out tasks to complete for every day of the week. This has extremely helped me stay on top of tasks in the order they need to be completed. I also have started keeping track of monthly and yearly goals for my social media biz. Please don’t freak if you have to move things around on your list – this is DEFINITELY going to happen. The business plan is merely a tool to help you stay on top of tasks, feel good when things are completed, and a good way to prepare for what’s next. For your sanity – try to create a business plan and reach those goals!


Create a Pretty Work Space

Having a defined work space is another vital way to balance working from home. Being able to go to your office – whether it is an actual room, a pretty corner, or a converted cloffice (cloest converted into an office) – it is your space. Fill your office with things that inspire you. For me, I have a framed photo of my son that says “Mothers of little boys work from son up til son down.” Isn’t that the truth? I also have lots of pink and other desk pretties surrounding me. I find that a good window with natural light is also good for the soul. Having your own work space helps keep your work organized, and it will make it easier for you to distinguish work life from mom life.


Set Office Hours

I have a confession. I am a work-a-holic. Can any of you relate? I just get so excited over my amazing clients and there’s always something that I “should” be doing. However, in order to keep a good balance from work and family time, you must set office hours. This includes the times that you check emails ladies. (I know, this one is a brutal tip) I have been meaning to add my office hours to my site, I am going to go with 9am – 5pm. Even though I am guilty of staying up after the superhero is in the bed, the whole world doesn’t need to know that. (even though I just spilled the beans to all of you fab boss moms) Setting office hours will also help you plan out your work day.


Stay Motivated and Take Care of You

Other than to stay at home with your kids, why did you choose to work from home? For me, I chose to be an entrepreneur because I wanted to help business succeed and the fact that I do make more money than the average “worker” doesn’t hurt either. What I am trying to say is, don’t lose your fire. Hopefully, your biz is your passion – never forget why you started your career and stay motivated.

If you’re feeling unmotivated – we all do sometimes – try these tips: Create a kick butt music playlist, Get out of the office (aka house), Surround yourself with inspiring women like yourself and develop relationships with other entrepreneurs, and ultimately remember that you are doing this for you kid. If he or she doesn’t motivate you to achieve your goals, nothing will. <3

It is also important to take care of yourself. Meaning, take a shower first thing in the morning. Would you go to an office job with your pajamas on and unfixed hair? Probably not. By waking up and getting ready for work, you will be ready for your day to begin. Coffee is another important way to take care of yourself – two cups at least. Hopefully, you don’t forget to feed your kids, so don’t forget to feed yourself too. Take a lunch break and put some brain food in your belly. After having children we tend to put ourselves on the back burner, I am totally guilty of that, but in order to perform your job to your best potential – take care of yourself dear!


Ask for Help

If you’re like me, my son is not in preschool yet so he is with me 24/7! My husband works long hours and isn’t readily available when I would like for him to be, but my amazing parents and older sister help me with the superhero whenever I ask them to – so blessed! Don’t be afraid or feel bad to ask others for help. Surround yourself with positive people that support what you do and that love your kids. They will be happy to offer a helping hand whether it is for a couple of hours a day or a few hours per week. You aren’t superwoman, give yourself a break and take that quiet time and run with it!


Don’t let his sweet little face fool you – he has been running around naked with his cape and mask on, saving the day while I’ve been writing this blog post. The life of a Boss Mom isn’t easy, but so worth it. <3

07 done

What are your methods for staying balanced while working at home? Us Boss Moms would love to hear!


Are you a Boss Mom that works from home? If so, take a look at these amazing tips on How to Balance Working from Home from Amy Howard Social!



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  1. Holly says:

    This was so great to read, Amy! I completely agree about taking care of yourself. I suffered from bad burnout a couple of months ago and from then on I knew it was important to put myself first as nothing in my life would run right unless I did. Definitely love the pretty office thing too, I find being in a space I love working in means I actually get more work done!

  2. Krista Reed says:

    Love this! Amazing words!

  3. Angie Green says:

    This is so totally on point! The only thing I’d add: Get out of the house – I find my creativity & motivation increases when I work in the local coffeeshop or library, even just for an hour or two. The new environment inspires better ideas, and it makes me feel adult and human.

  4. Gemma says:

    Aww I love this post!!!

    Great tips AND cute photos. Perfect! 🙂

  5. Btenda says:

    Great post.

  6. Love being home with son and daughter after Preschool but trying to accomplish work goals are very difficult these days. Love all the advice. Working on creating a inspirational space to work. Off to read more on your website. Thank you!

  7. Great great ideas! But instead of coffee, you should Thrive!! Much healthier and keeps you going all day!???? From a work at home mom of 6….I can attest balance is crucial!

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